Sunday, October 28, 2012

t-65 and counting

Day -65 and counting...

I will start the "52 Weeks of Desserts" on JAN 1 2013, but in advance of that, I am starting with a plan of attack.  Okay...I am starting with a plan of panic.

I have decided to undertake creating 52 desserts from scratch - one per weekend - and then blog about it.  Each week, I will discuss how I choose the dessert, the background of the dessert, and in the end, I hopefully will create something both pictoral and tasty.  But let's face should at least look good enough to eat.  :0)

So, I am starting now to pull together as many options as possible to choose from, as well as to give me time to practice what I will actually end up creating and posting for all to see.

I am by no means a chef, a cook, or a baker.  I am a working wife who just decided that I needed to put myself out there and take the chance to do this.  I have made lots of things in the kitchen, but now I want to push myself to do new things.

If you have suggestions, ideas, tips, etc., I would love to hear from you.

Thanks, cece